About Us

Our Passion

We at Sun Lim Garden Foodstuffs, or “SLG” as we are better known, are passionate about bringing innovative nut snacks to the market.

Our Vision

The trendsetter in the nut-based snacks industry.

SLG wants to be a trendsetter in the nut-based industry in the areas of product development, product branding and design, and marketing appeal to its customers.

Our Mission

Making Nut Snacking Irresistible!

SLG is passionate about making nut snacking an irresistible experience. Understanding what our customers look for in their nut snacks enables us to focus on presenting only the most delectable and innovative nut snacks ever.

We are involved in every step of our product creation, bringing together the choicest nuts, exciting flavouring ingredients and experienced and dedicated staff to produce our scrumptious nut snacks.

Our Core Values


We are small but we are specialists in nuts products! We are able to do so by maximising our talents within SLG.


We always look ahead to ensure that we fulfill our customers’ needs through the way we deliver our products. To achieve this end, we advocate lifelong learning to keep ourselves ahead in our industry.


We are proud to be a successful latecomer in the snacks industry in Singapore. This makes us work harder, be adaptive, and appreciate our customers’ suggestions better! We believe in offering choices to our customers with our fresh perspectives on nut products and our enterprising ideas.

Our Identity

Our Corporate Logo

The SLG logo is inspired by Sun Lim Garden’s late entry into the nut snack market in Singapore. Despite its late entry and small size during the company’s early days, SLG identified the opportunities for growth and successfully gained market share in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The young budding shoot in green represents SLG’s remembrance of its early days and as a reminder of how it should continue to learn and advocate lifelong learning, so as to stay ahead of customers’ needs. The light golden shape, which is a lighter tint of the ‘SLG’ letters, represents the nut and the roundness completes the graphic icon. The focus on nuts is based on one of SLG’s Core Values – Specialists. SLG may be small, compared to other larger competitors, but its people are specialists in nuts products. This is made possible by maximising its talents within the company

The graphic icon is stylized to be modern yet corporate, lively yet professional-looking. This sense of modernity is important to SLG as it aspires to be the trendsetter in the nut-based snacks industry.